About Us

SportCoat is an athletic coatings company with over 20 years of experience in the development, testing and supplying of products and services specifically designed for sport equipment application. We take “look good, feel good, play good,” to the next level with our wide-range of color offerings that have been on display at theConsumer, High School, Collegiate, and Professional levels. We pride ourselves in being team players through providing excellent customer service to fulfill the paint and service needs of our customers across North America.

Our coatings have proven quality to use in both OE manufacturing and reconditioning. We are experienced on the entire process from initial prep through application.

At Sport Coat we have put together a championship team by investing in the development and training of our employees. Providing such opportunities gives everyone the tools to play a role in company success. Our goal is to service customers with high quality products, to promote high quality sports performances.

Trust SportCoat to assist in development of new colors and effects as required to assist your company in its desire to separate itself from its competition.