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SportCoat takes pride in providing all of the product and equipment needs for sports equipment application.


Fully complaint low VOC emitting activator used in different ratios depending the product being mixed. Engineered for specific use


Direct to shell primer solution for applications in new equipment and reconditioning both polycarbonate and ABS plastics. Direct to shell application High build capability  Fast drying No sand scratch or swelling No bleed from substrate  Tintable and available in standard colors

Mixing Base

Our line of mixing bases combine to formulate over 1,800 color combinations. Mix appropriate batch needed to satisfy the order, reducing product waste Colors worn at the HS, Collegiate, and Professional level

Factory Pack

We factory package over 20 of the industry’s top used colors in a ready to spray package.


Easy to apply clearcoat with multiple levels of gloss and factory packaged clears with flake. Factory package gloss levels Factory package high gloss flake Minimal flash time (15-20 minutes) Simplified mix ratios